Recruitment in the modern world

Time management: a synthesis

November 22, 2022 Anthony Haynes Season 2 Episode 22
Recruitment in the modern world
Time management: a synthesis
Show Notes

Anthony Haynes writes; This is the third and final episode in our mini-series devoted to time management and productivity.

The opening episode outlined a tactical ('bottom-up') approach.

The second outlines a strategic ('top-down') approach.

Here we outline a synthetic approach: we bring our two approaches together, explore the relationship between them, and outline how to use them in combination for maximum effect.


Edwin C. Bliss, Getting things done: doing it now (Bantam Books).
Oliver Burkeman, Four thousand weeks: time management for mortals (Penguin, 2022).

Further listening

This is one of our episodes that deals with working life and management in general, rather than recruitment-specific topics. 

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